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Ute Ploier Collection

Minimalism of black.

(click pics to enlarge)
"Solar" Printed sweat shirt $299.00 [size/L, XL]
"Shadow" rib hoodie $249.00 [size/M, L, XL]
"Led" shinny slim pants $445.00 [size/S, M, L, XL]

John Lawrence Sullivan Collection

Functional and comfortable clothing .
Sports wear meets British tailoring.

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Tartan zip parka $290.00 [size/40]
Silver zip parka $290.00 [size/38,40,42]
Gold Sneaker $359.00 [size/9,10]
Polka dots dress shirt $259.00 [size/38,40]
Black skinny jeans $209.00 [36,38,40]
Silver skinny Corduroy pants $249.00 [size/36,38,40,42]

SWD/Skyward Collection

Street camofulage...

(click pics to enlarge)
Over-sized hoodie $195.00 [size/2]
Denim trousers $235.00 [size/1,2]
(left) Brick printed Tee $125.00 [size/free]
(center) RGB Tee - Sold Out
(right) SWD Tee $95.00 [size/1]

Diet butcher slim skin Collection

Punks we love.

(click pics to enlarge)
(left) "Mad machine" Tee $149.00 [size/1, 2]
(right) "Femme-doll" Tee $129.00 [size/1, 2]
Loose pants w/medals $349.00 [size/1,2]
Double belted 3/4 JKT $599.00 [size/1,2]
Long mesh cover hoodie $399.00 [size/2]
Asymmetrical front cardigan $309.00 [size/2]
Buttons sleeved cardigan $249.00 [size/1,2]

Yoshio Kubo Collection

Here's Yoshio Kubo's astonish collection.
Fitting and fabrication are remarkable...

(click pics to enlarge)
Zip-up White Hoodie $219.00 [size/M, L]"Suspect" Tee $109.00 [size/S, M, L]V-neck Mohair Sweater $309.00 [size/S, M, L]Tie printed shirt $249.00 [size/M]Tie loop shirt $279.00 [size/S, M, L]Slim tuxedo pans $369.00 [size/M, L]
Long JKT $699.00 [size/L]
Bias pin-stripe shirt $329.00 [size/ M]
Collar slit JKT $649.00 [size/ M]Rame paint pants $339.00 [M, L]
Leather trimmed jeans $389.00 [size/S, M, L]

6pockets denim pants $349.00 [size/S, M, L]


Hanami Party

Japanese traditional party under cherry trees while flowers are blossomed in early spring.
Famous Friends NYC held "Hanami party" on November 2nd 2007,
To show off our new Japanese labels (as cherry flowers) coordinated by one of our famous friends: Hissa Igarashi (Stylist). In the party , we had shown several run way videos from Diet Butcher Slim Skin, John Lawllence Sullivan and Yoshio Kubo.

Special Thanks to Basta Pasta ,Sapporo Beer for your support
all of our famous friends!!!



SWD/Skyward [out of Sweden]
This is the first season of Swedish designer Annika Berger's collection line called SWD/Skyward. For this season her concept is mental shield in urban life style.
She says it is one's own choice when to be exposed and have a high profile, or when to hide and stay in the shadow. Sure enough, this oversize hoodie is big enough that you can wear as camouflage of city scenes or either you can express yourself as a street guerrilla fashionista.
It depends on what you decide to be in our chaotic city.

Oversize hoodie $195.oo